House to Home Inspections

Why do you need a home inspection? There is no such thing as a perfect house, and regardless of the age of the home you are buying, defects and deficiencies can be dangerous and costly to repair. A home is one of the biggest investments you can make in your lifetime and a proper Home Inspection can give you peace of mind about your purchase. We perform thorough residential home inspection services for single family homes, duplexes/attached homes, and condos.  Our commitment to you is to help you gain knowledge about the condition of the property that you are purchasing or selling, as well as provide you with confidence to make an informed decision.  All of our home inspections come standard with thermal imaging(FLIR infrared camera) of your entire home as well as our warranty products. At House To Home Inspections we take continuing education seriously by keeping up to date with ongoing courses. Build standards and codes are constantly changing and we want our customers to feel comfortable with their purchase and stand by the value and education we provide in our home inspections.

Our office is located in Calgary, Alberta and we serve all surrounding communities including Airdrie, Cochrane and Okotoks etc.


Thermal Imaging

House to Home Inspections is certified and trained to use Thermal Imaging technology.  We provide this service at no additional cost for every home inspection.


Home Inspection Services

Here are some of the main components of a home inspection.  There are many sub categories throughout these examples but this gives you an overview of what we will be looking for. 



Every home inspection includes several warranty products including Buyer's Home Warranty, Recall Check, and more.