Home Inspections:

what do they cover?

Here are some of the main components of a home inspection.  There are many sub categories throughout these examples but this gives you an overview of what we will be looking for. 

Structure & Foundation

The foundation of your home is the most import aspect of your house for you and your families safety.  Damage, improper sizing, improper materials and other factors can lead to everything from unsightly cracks, to complete structural failure of the home.

Through an in-depth investigation into the integrity of the foundations, footings, columns, beams and all other visible and readily accessible structural members we can ensure the house a safe home for you and the ones you love.


Defective plumbing can manifest itself in different ways: leaking, clogging, cross-contaminated water and freezing pipes.  A leaky faucet or old toilet can waste a lot of money and energy for any residence.  A leaking, damaged or frozen pipe could cause major damage to your home and belongings.

Through a comprehensive visual inspection of the piping and with the use of thermal imaging we will be able to detect these issues.  We will also test the water pressure in your home, check all faucets and fixtures.   


Exterior & Windows

The exterior of your home is what gives it that ever-important curb appeal.  It is also what protects you from the elements of nature and provides security to you and your family.

Our home inspection includes the cladding on your home (siding, brick, stucco), windows, doors, garages, decks, railings, stairs and driveway.  We thoroughly look for any damage, missing components, improper material and anything else which can affect the function and safety of your home.

Roof and Chimney

Water leakage through the roof can occur for a variety of reasons such as physical deterioration of the asphalt shingles (e.g. curling or splitting), improper or rusted flashing, mechanical damage from a wind storm, leaking skylight.  The chimney of your house is of vital importance because it not only allows heat to safely escape, but it makes sure poisonous gasses aren't entering your home endangering your family.

Our home inspection will assess the conditions of your shingles (or other roof coverings), roof penetrations, flashings, skylights, gutters, downspout and the chimney. We will look for any evidence of leaks, wear, damage or any other issue that may affect your roof or chimney


Basement & Attic

Basement dampness, problems with ventilation, insulation and vapor barriers can cause water, moisture, mold and mildew to form. This can lead to premature wear of the roof, structure and building materials,  As well as health hazards to you and your family.

Our home inspection will look for any issues of water damage or condensation.  We will also check that the insulation and vapor barrier to make sure that they are doing their job correctly.  All ventilation will be inspected to make sure it is working properly, and is sufficient.


Insulation is an important part of your home.  It will help keep your family warm in the winter, and cooler in the summer.  Improperly insulated homes will cost more money to heat or cool.  An improperly insulated home may also lead to condensation, which may cause rot and eventually lead to structural failure.

Through the use of infrared technology, we can determine issues with missing, or not enough insulation.   We will also visibly check all accessible insulation in the basement and attic to make sure it is properly installed and adequate.



Unsafe electrical situations can lead to no power, a fire or even death. Our home inspection will determine what type of wiring is used in your home, if your electrical panel is safe and sufficient, test all GFCI's, AFCI's, check a representative number of switch’s and outlets



Other parts of the home that we will inspect will be stairs, interior doors, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, appliances, walls, floors and ceilings.  

We will check that they all perform their function, look for any sagging or other structural concerns, evidence of ongoing or prior leakage, damage, and safety.



Appliances will be inspected to make sure they all work properly. During the home inspection process we will run the dishwasher, check the elements and hood fan for the range.  We also inspect the refrigerator, microwave, garburator and garage door to make sure they all work and operate safely.


Heating & Cooling Systems

Insufficient insulation, and an inadequate or a poorly functioning heating system, are the most common causes of poor heating. While an adequately clean furnace, without rust on the heat exchanger, usually has life left in it, we will check to ensure your furnace is not over its typical life span of 15-25 yrs. 

We will also inspect in-floor heating using infrared technology to determine its working properly.

The hot water tank and air condition units will also be inspected to determine that they are work proper and safely, and are not near the end of their life.

Asbestos testing available upon request