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Thermal Imaging during a home inspection...What it can uncover.

Thermography, In-fared or Thermal Imaging, has been around for many years now. I personally think this should be a must when you are doing a home inspection as it provides so much value to my clients which is why I include it Free with every inspection.  It a great way to narrow down issues during a home inspection, and lets face it, its pretty cool as well. 

When I was a certified with the FLIR Thermography training it was mind-blowing to find out all of the things these cameras are used for.  Everything from electrical to now diagnosing cancer.  Technology is a wonderful thing isn't it.

I figured because its such an interesting topic I wanted to share how I use thermal imaging during my inspections to find my prey...The "construction defect".

Missing Wall Insulation

During the winter, missing wall insulation shows up as a cold area. There is no mistaking this photo where the dark blue area shows that the wall temperature is significantly different the neighbouring wall areas.

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