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Sage Hill, Calgary Home Inspection

Inspected this really nice attached home in Sage Hill, Calgary, Alberta.   Being a Calgary home inspector, it's kinda nice when you inspect a home and they have pets there.... Just make sure to let us know before hand so we don't leave any doors open. 

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Home Inspection Find

On a recent home inspection there was a tree that was too close to the home.   Not only was it too close to the home, it was touching a chimney.   It's very important to maintain seperation from your chimney to any combustible materials.   You also don't want your vegetation to be touching your soffits.   As a home inspector I recommend they trim there tree. 

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Home Inspection, Deer Run, Calgary

It was great to do another home inspection with some is the best clients.   The home inspection was in Deer Run, Calgary.   We were able to find some interesting things on this inspection, and as always, everything we found was thoroughly detailed and easy to understand on the home inspection report. 

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Carstairs, Alberta Home Inspection

As a home inspector I don't mind a little drive out of town, especially when it's for some of the best clients.   Even though this home inspection was on a new construction home, our thorough, detailed inspection report still includes a fair amount of issues that would otherwise go undetected.  This was a beautiful house, but it wouldn't have taken the best home inspector to find some of the obvious issues.   However, your average homeowner wouldn't of caught some of them.   


This week we have done home inspections in Calgary, Carstairs and Crossfield.....just need to do some home inspections in Chestermere, Canmore, Camrose, Caroline  Carseland, Coaldale, and Cremona and we will have covered all the C's!  (except for a bunch of other places that start with C..... There's a lot) 

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Airdrie Home Inspection

Recently did a home inspection on this detached home in Airdrie, Alberta.   The home inspection went smoothly.   As a home inspector, I find it is always best when the clients attend the home inspection.   That way it is easier to explain any deficiency that is found.   It also allows me to go over all systems in the home to go over any maintenance items and to explain how they operate.   However, if you are unable to attend, you will still have a great understanding because you will recieve a very detailed, thorough, home inspection report. 

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Crossfield, Alberta Home Inspection

Just wrapped up a home inspection for a really nice family in Crossfield, Alberta.   It was a really nice, detached home.   Some people think they don't need a home inspector for a new build, but even for a brand new home, odds are I will still find multiple deficiencies.   Yes, they are already inspected by the city, but I am very thorough and will always find issues.   As always, customers will be provided a very detailed report with lots of pictures, locations of your shut offs, and maintenance items. 

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Just Inspected in Coopers Crossing, Airdrie

Just Inspected in Coopers Crossing, Airdrie this beautiful home.  Stunning with Wolf appliance package.  The buyers are going to be very happy with this home I think.  It was built so well.

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Just Inspected this 2 bedroom condo in Inglewood, Calgary

Inspected this brand new 2 bedroom condo in inglewood, calgary.  We had a fun time putting up green tape for the deficiencies the builder needed to fix.  Having worked in new home construction for many years, it is important to have an inspector that can point out deficiencies so the new owner doesn't have to deal with them in the future.

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Thermal Imaging during a home inspection...What it can uncover.

Thermography, In-fared or Thermal Imaging, has been around for many years now. I personally think this should be a must when you are doing a home inspection as it provides so much value to my clients which is why I include it Free with every inspection.  It a great way to narrow down issues during a home inspection, and lets face it, its pretty cool as well. 

When I was a certified with the FLIR Thermography training it was mind-blowing to find out all of the things these cameras are used for.  Everything from electrical to now diagnosing cancer.  Technology is a wonderful thing isn't it.

I figured because its such an interesting topic I wanted to share how I use thermal imaging during my inspections to find my prey...The "construction defect".

Missing Wall Insulation

During the winter, missing wall insulation shows up as a cold area. There is no mistaking this photo where the dark blue area shows that the wall temperature is significantly different the neighbouring wall areas.

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